Program Overview

Crisis Nursery is here to offer help for mothers at risk for perinatal depression throughout Champaign County in the form of our Beyond Blue Program funded by the Champaign County Mental Health (708) Board and community donations.  We provide support to these mothers and their families in the form of support groups, parent/child interaction groups, crisis care, referrals to other resources, respite hours and home visits.

The Five Components of the Beyond Blue Program
  • Parent-Child Interaction Groups

    • Six-week sessions that meet weekly for one hour
    • Interaction with your child in a group setting
    • Learn about your child's development and techniques to strengthen your bond with your baby
    • Meet other parents

  • Home Visiting Services

    • Individualized support and counseling
    • Ages and stages screenings to ensure children are developing appropriately for their age
    • Referrals to community resources to support and promote family stability

  • Support Groups

    • Learn from other mothers and share your feelings in a confidential group setting
    • On-site child care provided

  • Respite Hours

    • Pre-scheduled time to care for yourself so that you are better able to meet the needs of your baby
    • Respite child care hours earned for participation in the program

  • Crisis Care

    • 24-hours a day/365 days a year emergency crisis care available 
    • Safe, immediate, temporary care for children birth through six years of age
    • Parents define what constitutes a crisis

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