Capital Campaign


Gifts of $200,000+

Liautaud Family Foundation

"It’s such a blessing and a gift to be able to help. For us, that’s what ‘community’ is all about. We’re there to lend each other a helping hand when needed. And we're so grateful Crisis Nursery is a part of the Champaign community.”

Gifts of $150,000+

OSF HealthCare

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Island of Safety Leadership Circle

A special thank you to our Leadership Circle Donors who contributed at least $25,000 to the campaign. 


Dan and Rhonda Proctor 

The Stephens Family

Edith Stoner Foundation

Broeren Russo Builders, Inc. 

Jan E. Niederbrock

Darrin, Lindsey, Tinley & Trey Peters

Clif and Sheila Burdette


Kim and Denise Martin

Brian and Molly Neiswender

The Swisher Family

Katie Zimmerman

Joleen Duker Allen

Dennis and Anne Long

Parham and Jennifer Parastaran

The Robeson Family

Jennifer Shelby

Fred and Casey Wakefield 

James and Jessi Young

Joseph Bubon

Clif and Shauna Carey

Greg and Cheryl Sizer

Robert Ballsrud and Jennifer Gunji

Ann Beddini and Joe Duchene

Tim and Brenda Lindsey

Jim and Jessica Lopez

David and Janet Peshkin

John and Alice Pfeffer

Christopher and Cassie Rennels

Rotary Club of Champaign

Kevin and Nancy Sullivan

Richard and Brenda West

Jeremy Youse

Scott and Stacy Bennett

John and Melinda Dabrowski

Jason and Lynnette Dodds

Chris and Kim Evangelisti

Besty Hendrick

Douglas and Sammer Jones

Greg and Margo Lykins

Mahomet Landscapes

David and Anne Monahan

Ratio Architects

Rush, Stephanie, Kennedy & Delaney Record

Roberts McGivney Zagotta

James Shepherd and Matthew Gibson

Luke Sherman

Charla Sherwood

The Andersons Foundation

Marc and Kelly Beach

Bradley and Kimberly Houk

Murray and Valerie Wise

Brad and Carrie Barker

Matt and Kate Deering

Mike and Christy Devocelle

Robin and Brooke Elliott

John Epifanio and Jean Flemma

John Frauenhoffer

David and Amy Glenn

Hans and Jama Grotelueschen

Justin and Bobbie Jo Kirby

Michael and Lori Larson

Dan and Angie Marker

Martin, Hood, Friese &Assoc., LLC

Meyer Charitable Foundation

Caleb and Deserai Miller

Howard and Barclay Milton

Bill and Jan Plotner

Clarence and Sharon Shelley

Jeffrey and Jacquelyn Voeks

Wells Fargo Foundation

Sean and Erin Arie

Dustin Aukland

Graham and Elizabeth Berry

Sophie Bowerman

Stuart and Anita Broeren

BrownWoods & Associates

Chad and Sara Cassel 

Dean and Susan Cavey

DRW Trading Group Foundation

Tom Ehrnthaller

Angie Fiala

Krystal Fitzpatrick

Tom Gillespie 

Kevin and Mary Hambly 

Chris and Gozen Hartman

Patricia Justice

Stuart and Terri King

H. Waldemar Knapheide IV

Charles LeFebvre

Brian and Kelly McClure

Midwest Engineering and Testing, Inc. 

Chris and Ryann Monahan

Dustin and Haruka Neiswender

James and Gayle Nogle

Robert and Kathy Plecki 

Robert and Amy Schimmel

William Schlesser

David and Jan Sholem

Brad and Renee Soldwedel

Perry and Rita Soldwedel

Mark and Mindy Werner


Antunovich Associates

Armstrong Lumber Company 

John and Jamie Clausen

John and Allison Groce

Barry Howard

Stuart and Susan Meachum

Mark and Kim Neiswender

Martin Neumann

James and Molly North

Deborah Postlewait

Deborah Schimerowski

Wayne and Heather Tucker

Monty and Rebecca Wade

The Impact of a Gift

Due to the kindness and generosity of many people in our community, Crisis Nursery is now able to serve more children and families. 

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