Paving Pathways

What is Paving Pathways?

Within the Strong Families program, Paving Pathways strengthens families by supporting interactions between parents and children, contributing to early childhood development and preparing children for success during life’s most critical period.


Despite always being busy, I learned the importance of setting aside time to read to my child. I almost cried because I had a moment where I saw parent-child interaction as important and want to do more of it. Within just this one visit, we saw the evidence of Hunter’s development enhanced and the impact of Paving Pathways on this family.


Mother of Child

Paving Pathways Provides...

  • Information

    about your child's development, health care, prenatal care, parenting strategies, and much more

  • Support

    during the joys and challenges of parenting

  • Learning Activities

    that keep children entertained while developing crucial skills

  • Connection

    through groups in person and online

  • Toys, Books, Diapers, and more

    through donations and other programs like Books from Brek

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