5 Ways to Recruit Volunteers for Non-Profits and Organizations

Recruiting volunteers can be challenging—especially during a world-wide pandemic. As a staff member at a non-profit or a current volunteer at an organization, you might have asked yourself, “How can I recruit more people to volunteer their time to my organization or group?”

Crisis Nursery staff have been brainstorming new, creative ways to deliver our message to prospective volunteers. Safe Children Coordinator Jill Duden has been demonstrating five tactics with recruitment, and your organization can borrow these surefire ways to gain the interest of future volunteers:

  1. Think Virtually:

Online recruitment expanded since social distancing has been in place. The Nursery utilizes services in addition to social media (and this blog!) like volunteermatch.orgcuvolunteer.org, and createthegood.org. Of course, if your organization is not located in Champaign-Urbana, you can find a similar service to CU Volunteer curated for your area. Take advantage of websites like these to find new volunteers.

Form relationships with organizations, businesses or groups in your area that have similar interests to your organization or appeal to audiences who would benefit from your non-profit. For example, the Nursery has a heavy presence on chambanamoms.com. Not only could readers of this site be interested in our services, they could also familiarize themselves with our volunteer opportunities.

Click here to read an article about the Nursery seeking out volunteers.

  1. Back to the Basics:

Flyers and posters are an old-school way to recruit, but is still a method that works well for recruiting volunteers at the Nursery. Have your graphic designer or marketing team create a fancy, eye-catching design that encourages people to stop and read your message.

Hang the posters around your community inside of restaurants, libraries, restaurants, coffee shops and other high foot-traffic areas.

  1. A Look Inside

Plan events at your organization where volunteers can explore possible opportunities. Mark down a day (or a week!) where current volunteers can bring a friend during their regular shift to tour your site and learn more.

“We can provide lots of great info about what it’s like to be a volunteer, and they can see the space they’ll be working in,” Jill said.

It shows prospects where they would be volunteering and a mini history lesson of your organization, charity or group. This is an event that has proven successful at the Nursery.

  1. Talk About It

Go to a church, VFW, sorority or other group’s meeting place and tell them all about your organization. Jill has visited different types of groups to present the Nursery’s mission and need for volunteers.

“This can bring home the need for volunteers in a special way,” Jill said.

  1. Attend Outreach Events

There are several opportunities to have an informational booth about your organization. Events in the Champaign-Urbana area include ‘Playing it Safe” sponsored by Carle Foundation Hospital, “Read Across America,” and “YMCA Family Days.” If possible, have a float in your community’s annual parade! This is essentially a mobile informational booth. Take advantage, and have a presence when you can!

Happy recruiting!


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