Updated COVID-19 Response

We hope you are continuing to stay healthy and safe during these unprecedented times. Crisis Nursery maintains Elevated Crisis Care criteria during the Stay at Home Order that extends through May 30, 2020. While the situation is ever-changing, we do want to update you on the steps we’ve taken and the impact we anticipate, both short and long term.

We initiated our response to COVID-19 on March 13 and had moved to the Elevated Crisis Care status by March 17 with no in-person home visits or groups. It’s hard to believe that we are 7 weeks into this pandemic and while some things have changed, so much stays the same. We continue to provide support to families virtually and via phone and we are providing much needed supplies and goods to families to ease whatever financial burden we can for those who need us most!

Asking for Help is a Sign of Strength. We see you, we are listening, and we are always just a phone call away. The stress of being home 24/7 with your children, all while trying to pay bills and access food for your family, can be very overwhelming and you are not alone. Crisis Nursery staff can be reached 24-hours a day at 217.337.2730

With an increase in identified cases in Champaign county, we are continuing to limit in-person services to the highest level of crises due to the need for social distancing and health concerns. Our priority is to maintain support to families whose children are at-risk of immediate harm as a result of domestic violence, homelessness, or extreme parental stress. Family Specialists are working remotely and will stay connected to as many families as possible through phone calls, virtual home visits, and virtual groups.

We are dedicated to providing services to those that need us most. Our staff is working diligently to provide innovative solutions for children and families that need support during this challenging time. We will continue to provide community resources, follow up calls, and crisis support to the best of our ability.

We are accepting donations by appointment only. Please call our administrative line at 217.337.2731 9am-4pm, Monday-Friday, with questions. As we continue to work through this together, we will update you on our biggest needs.

Many of our scheduled fundraisers are being postponed, cancelled, or revamped to fit the recommendations of health and government officials. These events help make up nearly 20% of our annual budget. Our biggest fundraising event, the 27th Annual Dinner & Auction, is still scheduled for Friday, June 5, but will be taking place as a virtual event. Through collaboration, a little creativity, and your continued support – we will get through this.

Today, and every day, we are committed to YOU. We know how deeply you care for the children and families in our community. It’s during these challenging times that we are reminded of the power of your generosity. We promise to always be good stewards and continue to invest your support into this community for the greater good of all.

Our team looks forward to continuing to raise awareness and support of our mission during these uncertain times.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

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