Showing Gratitude for Volunteers during Volunteer Appreciation Week and Year-Round

It’s Volunteer Appreciation Week at Crisis Nursery, and we want to say “THANK YOU” to all of those who have dedicated time volunteering at Crisis Nursery –  whether it’s caring for children directly, keeping the lawn in pristine condition, providing maintenance checks at the facility , serving on the board or lending a hand during an event—we thank YOU!

Volunteer Appreciation Week is typically during the third full week of April, and it’s an important week for everyone at the Nursery!

In the past, the Nursery has hosted events throughout Volunteer Appreciation Week to essentially spoil the volunteers and express our gratitude. The Nursery has hosted ceremonies to give framed recognition gifts to veteran volunteers who have dedicated three or more years of service. Staff members have also given goodie bags to each volunteer as they arrive for a shift and have written “thank you” cards for the dedicated souls.

Many volunteers aren’t dedicating their time for the recognition or acknowledgment, meaning it can be tough to have good turn-outs to appreciation events. Safe Children Coordinator Jill Duden said offering this one particular thing always seems to go over well: Food.

Receptions with cake and punch are a hit, as well as snacks throughout the week. Candies and treats often find their way into the hearts of volunteers.

Volunteer Appreciation Week 2020 is a little different. The Nursery, and seemingly every other organization in the state, country and world, have been presented with the challenge of discovering how to shower volunteers with the thanks they deserve.

How the Nursery is showing appreciation for such dedicated volunteers may look a little different this year, since no volunteers are physically present in the building due to state and federally mandated social distancing measures. Our expression of gratitude may be presented differently this year, but the amount of our appreciation has definitely not changed!

In some ways, the Nursery has taken advantage of modern technology to reach volunteers. In others, we have gone back to old-school tactics: a classic phone call or meaningful handwritten letter.

Staff members have been reaching out to simply call volunteers to check in and see how they’re doing, but also to show our appreciation. The Nursery has sent handwritten cards to all of our Master Volunteers, as well. Jill said she has also been shooting emails to the volunteers on a weekly basis to stay connected virtually.

We haven’t been able to give as big of a “thank you” as we have in the past, so there will be many surprises in store for volunteers when everything returns to “normal.”

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