Ways to Keep your Child’s Brain and Body Moving at Home

Schools around the country are closed and people around the world are staying home. If you are a parent at home with children, you might be at a point where you think you have done every craft, baked every cake and read every book to your child.

Don’t worry! Family Specialists at Crisis Nursery have crafted a list of enjoyable and educational activities for children and parents to do together such as learning about different animals, brushing up on math skills and virtually touring different parts of the world like the Great Wall of China and Yellowstone National Park. Everything is hyperlinked and ready to click. Here's our list:


Finished our list? Chambana moms put together a list of over 300 indoor and outdoor activities.

Get your child a TV cameo! WCIA typically allows children to present the 9 a.m. weather report on live TV. With social distancing guidelines issued at state and federal levels, WCIA has discontinued Kidscasters and their guests from coming to the station until further notice. But this hasn’t stopped them from allowing children to present their own forecasts on TV and for social media!

The news station is asking parents to submit a video of their child giving their own weather forecast—the more creative, the better! For a detailed list of rules and how to submit your video, visit the link here.

Family Specialists at Crisis Nursery have a wealth of resources on their Facebook group including tips or examples of self-care, meditation and mindfulness for parents and the community. Join the group “Crisis Nursery’s Family Group and share educational websites, online resources and activities you are trying with your children at home. Take a deep breath. We are all in this together, and we will get through this.

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