Meet the Nursery’s Individual Sponsors

Champion Level Sponsors

  • John Frauenhoffer has been supporting the nursery since 2010 and recently joined our Board of Directors. He has been sponsoring our Annual Dinner & Auction 2011, as well as our building campaign. John is president of Frauenhoffer & Associates, who sponsored our auction for a decade.

Hero Level Sponsors

  • Ann Beddini and Joe Duchene have been actively supporting Crisis Nursery for nearly two decades! Ann is a past staff member, volunteer and is currently on the Community Team. The couple have participates in several of the Nursery’s campaigns including Giving Tuesday and sponsoring a variety of events. Ann and Joe have donated baskets for the Dinner and Auction, purchased tickets to events and give a monthly recurring gift.

Guardian Level Sponsors

  • Cheryl Sizer has been supporting Crisis Nursery’s mission since 2009. She’s a former board member, volunteer, and emcee of the Nursery’s Dinner & Auction. Cheryl has sponsored previous Nursery events, donated basket items, attended events, contributed to the building pledge campaign and given generally. This year, Cheryl donated wine and a cooler bag for this year’s Dinner & Auction baskets.
  • Brian and April Stark have been contributing to the Nursery for a decade. Brian is a member of our Board of Directors. The couple have sponsored events, donated items for event baskets, attended events and participated in giving campaigns. Brian is the Regional Sales Manager for The Andersons, Inc., a Protector Level sponsor of this year's auction.
  • Stacy and Michael Swisher have supported Crisis Nursery since 2007. The pair has given through several of the Nursery’s campaigns including donating baskets for our Annual Dinner & Auction, purchasing event tickets, sponsoring events, giving generally and others. Stacy is a current Board Member and Treasurer, Committee Member and Volunteer.

Protector Level Sponsors

  • The Bruce Family, Ken, Christy and Callie, have been supporting Crisis Nursery for 20 years. The family has sponsored events, purchased raffle tickets and contributed the Nursery’s building pledge campaign. Ken, Christy and Callie have been sponsoring the Annual Dinner & Auction since 2003.
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